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Rhinoplasty, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, is listed as one of the top five cosmetic procedures performed on men in 2020. At Ambay Plastic Surgery in Tampa, we ensure that a nose job accentuates the masculine characteristics of our male patients.

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The Masculine Nose

There are special considerations that must be addressed when performing male cosmetic nose surgery as opposed to rhinoplasty on females.  A straight bridge and a nasal tip that projects at a 90-degree angle are common characteristics of the male nose. Whereas the female nose has a softer and narrower bridge.

One of the most important aspects of rhinoplasty in males is to maintain masculinity to the nose and to not feminize the nose.  Strong features and straight lines are created to avoid a scooped or sloped feminine appearance.  Male rhinoplasty is customized to a man’s facial features.

A nose job can also enhance your ability to breathe by correcting problems such as a deviated septum and other structural abnormalities. Our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Ambay in Tampa, Florida, can change your nose size, shape and profile in various ways to address nasal asymmetry and deviation. 

Before And After Photos

Please view the before and after Rhinoplasty photo gallery to see the results of Dr. Ambay’s patients.

Before & After Patient Photos

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*Results may vary

How Is Male Rhinoplasty Performed?

A nose job is considered to be one of the most intricate cosmetic procedures. This is why it’s essential to enlist the help of a board-certified plastic surgeon. The various techniques for reshaping the nose requires artistic surgical precision.

During your consultation, Dr. Ambay will present the best rhinoplasty surgical plan to achieve your desired results and discuss any concerns and questions that you may have. He will help create a natural-looking nose to fit the proportions of your face and enhance your masculine facial features.

The surgery is ordinarily performed whilst the patient is under light general anesthesia.  It is , done as an outpatient procedure at our state of the art surgery center within Ambay Plastic Surgery in Wesley Chapel.  The procedure usually takes between 2-3 hours and will require a follow-up consultation during recovery.

Your surgery will include the following steps:

  • Anesthesia is administered
  • Incisions are made
  • Reshaping of the nose structure, and, or
  • A deviated septum is corrected
  • Incision/s are closed

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is someone who is in good health and want to resolve the following issues:

  • An old injury
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Unattractive nose profile
  • Unbalanced facial symmetry

What Can Men Expect During Their Recovery?

A splint may be placed over your nose along with tape for shape maintenance during the healing phase. It is also normal for swelling to continue for a few weeks after your surgery.  Dr. Ambay will give you specific post-surgery instructions that you need to follow with great care to ensure the best outcome. 

These instructions may include:

  • How to care for your nose
  • When to apply or orally take medication
  • What concerns to look out for during the recovery process
  • Follow up process

It may take up to a year for your nose to refine to the more permanent outcome of the male rhinoplasty surgery. 

Benefits of a Male Nose Job

A rhinoplasty procedure has many benefits for men who are considering this type of surgery, including:

  • Facial symmetry
  • Eliminating unwanted nasal features
  • Permanent solutions to structural issues
  • Repairing a septum for better breathing
  • Increased self-confidence

Risks Associated With Male Nose Surgery

Male rhinoplasty surgery risks are no different from that of rhinoplasty surgery in general.  Working with a board-certified surgeon, however, minimizes risks and promotes the best surgical outcome.

Why Choose Ambay Plastic Surgery For This Procedure?

  • Double board-certified plastic surgeon
  • Surgical precision and accuracy
  • Trained in microsurgery
  • Skilled artistry

In addition, Dr. Raj Ambay, considers his patient’s holistic well-being through the process of consultation, evaluation and recreation of the aestheticaly pleasing and masculine nose.  Call 813-406-4448 or book your consultation online today!

*individual results may vary

Dr. Ambay

Dr. Raj Ambay, M.D.

Dr. Ambay is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face and body. He performs a wide range of aesthetic treatments at his Florida practice.