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Dr. Ambay’s Explanation

At Ambay Plastic Surgery, our tummy tuck procedure is targeted and goes beyond the shallow depths of the skin. Read the details below!

Dr. Ambay’s tummy tuck surgery is performed in our state-of-the-art surgery center under general anesthesia and under direct observation from a board-certified anesthesiologist. One hundred percent of women who undergo this procedure have separated stomach six-pack muscles (rectus) and have a loose core (body wall).

While the most common reason for the procedure is pregnancy, the second most common is massive weight loss after dieting and/or gastric bypass surgery. The best part is that the results are immediate and dramatic! Those patients that commit themselves to get healthy, look better and regain their confidence are rewarded with results that can be as dramatic as losing 4 dress sizes! You work hard, make this your time.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

The procedure starts with realigning the muscles that create the six-pack (rectus muscle). This places the front rectus muscles and back spine muscles in perfect alignment to one another which can improve posture and exercise efficiency.

Next, the loose body wall (core) is tightened to a snug bounce. The body wall is a canvas-like structure that surrounds and envelops the muscle but does not contract like muscle. Contrary to popular belief, it cannot be tightened by 1000s of sit-ups and contributes to the loose hanging belly appearance that eludes even those women who exercise and lose weight. Many of our patients are frustrated and get demoralized because they work out, eat healthy and yet see little to no improvement. Our tummy tuck focuses on creating shape by tightening and slimming the core like a corset. We can see this effect immediately. Check out our in-surgery video to see the instant waist slimming effect on a real patient!

Before we go to the next step, we perform a TAP block in which we place anesthetic under the body wall to keep numb immediately after surgery. This is the key to reducing pain after surgery and it is not uncommon that our patients feel well enough 10 minutes after surgery to stand and to walk. The TAP block keeps patient pain in check and reduces narcotic pain medications. We hate to use excessive pain meds that keep people doped and mentally hazy. When you feel good, you can walk and that prevents complications like blood clots and pneumonia.

Lastly, we place a patient in a position similar to laying in a beach chair, then remove all the skin from the belly button down to the bikini line. We intentionally keep these scar’s very low, similar to where a c-section scar is placed. In fact, in many instances we actually remove that scar and reuse it in the final much better looking tummy tuck scar. Lastly, we make the belly button look great and finally place the patient in a body slimming compression garment.

The end result is the slimmest waist we can make along with the flattest belly!!

For the cherry on top, we routinely perform liposuction at the same time. The reality is that people that have a hanging belly will also have fat that wraps around to create love handles and fat in the low back giving them a square shaped butt. By incorporating hi-def liposuction we remove all the fat in the low back and waist which creates a smooth curve to allow the butt to “pop” naturally and without any intervention. That smoothness translates to the elimination of the love handles and blends artfully into the flattened tummy in the front. Let’s face it, if you do the tummy tuck, you want to look good from the front, sides and back. It all has to look natural and that it all belongs.

If you live in the Tampa, Wesley Chapel area, contact our office at 813.406.4448 to book your appointment with Dr. Ambay.

Before and After Patient Photos

Please view the Before and After photo gallery to see the results of Dr. Ambay’s patients.

Female body, before Tummy Tuck treatment, front view, patient 1 Before
Female body, after Tummy Tuck treatment, front view, patient 1 After

Tummy Tuck Patient

Please view the Before and After photo gallery to see the results of Dr. Ambay’s patients.

*Results may vary

*Results may vary

What Makes us the Best Abdominoplasty in Tampa?

Simply stated, impeccable credentials, attention to details, individualized approach to your goals, and a surgeon like Dr. Ambay who has integrity and genuinely cares about people. Couple that with strategies to reduce pain and prevent complications after surgery and finish off with an amazing staff and availability to answer your pressing questions evenings, weekends and holidays.

Best Abdominoplasty — female body

Best Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery

A tummy tuck is an ideal procedure for:

  • Women who have completed their desires for childbirth.
  • Men or women who have a stable weight after massive weight loss even if their goal has not been reached.
  • Men or Women who have made the commitment to better their health and well-being.
  • Hanging belly, love handles, muscle separation and loose core by physical exam.
  • Realistic expectations.
  • Absence of some immunocomprised conditions, uncontrolled diabetes, uncontrolled hypertension or blood clotting conditions.
  • You are in good mental health.
  • You have realistic expectations.
  • You are a non-smoker.

What to Expect from Recovery

Expect at least two weeks’ downtime after your surgery. Expect to walk the day after surgery, shower the next day and wear a compression garment for 6 weeks except during showers.

We will give you very specific instructions that will avoid complications and ensure you have a home-run result. We are your partners and working together we can help you achieve your dream look, avoid complications and return to living normally as quickly as possible.

  • How to care for your incision site.
  • How to apply or take your prescription medication.
  • Specific concerns to look out for.
  • How to best position yourself when sitting or lying down.
  • Post-operative follow-ups.

We will give you what you need such as the compression garments and creams to minimize the scar’s appearance.

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck is a great procedure to reverse the visible signs and stretching due to pregnancy or weight loss. It brings the muscles that were separated during pregnancy back together and flattens the stomach. Benefits include:

  • Eliminate muscle separation to improve front and back alignment
  • Tighter core.
  • Narrow waistline.
  • Flatter tummy.
  • Diminished stretch-marks.
  • Lose 2-4 dress sizes and fit into clothing off the rack with less alterations and accommodations.
  • Look and feel slimmer with long-lasting results that help regain your confidence.

Tummy Tuck Risks

During the preoperative consultation, Dr. Ambay will thoroughly review your medical history and discuss any potential risk factors. In rare cases, some of the following risks and complications can occur:

  • Infection which we control by keeping incisions clean and early antibiotics when needed.
  • Bleeding which is controlled by meticulous surgery, managing blood pressure after reducing falling risks at home.
  • Blood clots are prevented by walking immediately after surgery, and a short course of blood thinner if surgery is longer than 5 hours.
  • Excessive scarring is managed by early intervention, scar creams, vit E and meticulous incision care. In patients susceptible to keloids, steroid injections into the scar is performed.

How Much Does
Tummy Tuck Cost?

While the cost varies based on your goals and the treatment plan, Dr. Ambay ensures his treatment costs are affordable and fair, while providing excellent results. After all, the best shot and getting the optimal result is the first surgery.

Why Choose Ambay Plastic Surgery
for your Tummy Tuck?

Why Choose Ambay Plastic Surgery: hospital

Honest, straightforward advice given by a triple board-certified plastic surgeon

Why Choose Ambay Plastic Surgery: doctor

High standards of surgical precision, artistry and care

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A surgeon who listens and acts with empathy and understanding

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Experience with advanced surgical techniques and cutting-edge technology

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Delivers consistent, beautiful results from rhinoplasty to body contouring and more

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A recipient of the President’s Award from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

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The difference between a good outcome and a great outcome are the details!! Regain your youthful abs, slimmer waist contoured figure and your confidence – contact our office at 813.406.4448 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ambay.

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