Eyelid Lift

The skin around your eyes is telling of your age.

Ambay Plastic Surgery -Often, as you age, the skin on your eyelids droops and sags, causing an impediment of vision and the appearance of being tired, angry or sad.

At Ambay Plastic Surgery, we want to give you a constant appearance of youth and radiance! Our Eyelid Lift procedure is specifically designed to eliminate the fatty deposits and sagging skin of the eyelids to create natural, refreshed appearance. You will notice an immediate difference in your appearance both in person and in your photos. Your family and friends will no longer ask why you are always tired. You don’t have to worry about photoshopping your drooping eyes in every family photo. Our procedure will have you looking vibrant for every occasion!

Eyelid Lift Procedure

During an Eyelid Lift procedure, loose skin of the upper and lower eyelids is removed along with fatty tissue, leaving no visible scars. Dr. Ambay conceals the incision in the natural crease of the upper eyelid or on the lash line of the lower eyelid. The result is a look of natural beauty and confidence!

Benefits of Eyelid Lift Surgery

  • This procedure removes excess fatty deposits that appear as puffiness in the upper eyelids
  • Restores the natural contour of the upper eyelid
  • Corrects droopiness of the lower eyelids
  • Enhances vision that might have been reduced due to drooping, sagging eyelids
Eyelid Lift before and after

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*individual results may vary

Dr. Ambay

Dr. Raj Ambay, M.D.

Dr. Ambay is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face and body. He performs a wide range of aesthetic treatments at his Florida practice.